What should I consider if doing a road trip in Denmark?

Denmark may not be the first destination that springs to mind when you consider embarking on a road trip in Europe, but this hugely accessible nation is the proud home of the happiest people on the planet and some of the best roads imaginable. Yes, according to a recent UN report, the Danes are the happiest nation in the world, and aside from the high cost of living, the impressive network or roads is yet another reason for why road trips are so enjoyable in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Regulations and rules of the road

Anyone traveling from the United States, or other parts of Europe, will be pleased to know you drive on the right-hand side of the road in Denmark and as with some neighboring countries you must keep your lights on regardless of the time. Furthermore, there is also legislation which states that cars manufactured in recent years are made in such a way that you cannot turn your lights off. Needless to say, visitors need to keep this in mind, especially if the car is more than a few years old.

It is also worth noting how Denmark is famous for cyclists and most towns and cities dedicate a lane to cyclists. However, this is not always the case, and drivers are advised to stay on the lookout for cyclists at all times.

You need to have a valid car insurance when driving in Denmark. In Danish it is called “Bilforsikring“.

 Castles, history, and attractions in Denmark

Whether you visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen or the imposing Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark is an architectural delight and overflowing with history. The beautiful city of Sorø surrounded by forrests and lakes is also worth a visit. At the same time, there are quite a number of nature and wildlife reserves to explore on a road trip such as Jaegerborg Dyrehave and Dollerup Bakker. Each of these is wild and vast while they are also very easily accessed for those who have access to a car.

In fact, for such a small nation, you should find a huge variety of attractions which are very affordable for Denmark’s standards. The National Aquarium Park, located in Den Blå Planet is thought to be the largest aquarium in northern Europe and costing US$27; it offers a great underwater encounter with hammerhead sharks, moray eels and so much more. And then there is the Fairytale Island in Funen which is home to a stunning castle and a captivating past. Surrounding the castle, luscious gardens stretch in every direction while the nearby lake offers the perfect place to enjoy lunch beneath the incredible site of an ancient castle.

Food, fuel and other services

As for the logistics, while taking a road trip in Denmark, it may not be the cheapest place to travel, but there is a great selection of street food sellers in major centers most especially Copenhagen. Much of this variety is international cuisine and priced less than US$10. However, there are many restaurants for anyone not on a budget which can cost upward of US$20.

Gas stations are very common in Denmark and located quite close to each other meaning that finding fuel is rarely a concern. However, do keep in mind that a credit card is needed to purchase gas which typically costs 300 kr for 30 liters (USD 47).

As mentioned already, Denmark is blessed with beautifully smooth roads and a very convenient setup up to ensure a seamless road trip so while the cost of living might be high, the natural beauty and fairytale castles should be worth the investment and a week-long road trip at the very least.